Connecting Youth Groups

Surely at some point you have heard of the term “sister church.” This describes the relationship between two churches in different places that share with and pray for each other about their activities and struggles. Sometimes they also undertake joint projects such as seminars, speaker exchanges, trips together or to visit each other. But the majority of these activities seem to always take place among adults.

From 2011 to 2013 we started to work with some of the necessary tools to have better communication between young people: Internet, Skype, Facebook, Twitter and/or blogs. Of these, what we currently have are a YABs Facebook page, this section of the MWC website, and a YABs twitter account. Another way to build better connections among young people is with our project Connecting Youth Groups, which links a group of young Anabaptists with another group in a different country. Currently this project is in the beginning stages and we would like to officially launch it at the next GYS. So until then we will be happy to receive your questions or comments, but we will not receive more applications until 2015. Please contact us at:

We hope that this will help strengthen the relationships between youth groups, and that through this, future generations of Anabaptists will grow with a sense and global vision of the church through sharing values, convictions, experiences and faith with other countries and continents.