About the Peace Commission


The Peace Commission offers MWC member churches a wide array of support: enabling talk about the peace issues facing individual churches, countries and continents; providing a conversation forum in which churches can consider together peace-related questions and issues that they would otherwise face alone; strengthening the common peace identity through mutual reinforcement and discussion; and further enabling cooperative efforts on select peace initiatives.

Commission Members

Joji Pantoja, Chair (Philippines), Andrew Suderman, Secretary (South Africa), Jeremiah Choi Wing Kau (China – Hong Kong), Garcia Domingos (Angola), Kenneth Hoke (USA), Wendy Kroeker (Canada), Neal Blough (France/USA), Adriana Belinda Rodríguez (Honduras)

The Peace Commission at their 2017 meeting. From left: Antonio Gonzalez, Jeremiah Choi Wing Kau, Garcia Domingos, Robert J. Suderman, Joji Pantoja, Kenneth Hoke, Jenny Neme, Andrew Suderman. Photo: Wilhem Unger