About the Mission Commission


The Mission Commission provides MWC member churches with resources and a forum for dialogue on global witness and service. The commission brings together the Global Anabaptist Service Network (GASN) and the Global Mission Fellowship (GMF) and enables dialogue and direction around pressing issues and opportunities in global witness and service. For mission agencies and churches, the commission hopes to stimulate global, continental, regional, and local partnerships in outreach, focusing on places where people have not yet had the opportunity to know Jesus Christ. For service agencies, the commission seeks to enable both dialogue and inter-agency collaboration in response to the pressing needs of God’s people and our communities everywhere.


Commission Members

Stanley Green, Chair (USA); Nelson Okanya (USA-Kenya), Rafael Zaracho, Secretary (Paraguay), Eladio Mondez (Philippines). Barbara Hege-Galle (Germany), Philip Okeyo (Kenya), Andi Santoso (Indonesia), José Rutilio Rivas (Colombia).

(From left): Eladio Mondez, José Rutilio Rivas, Philip Okeyo, Nelson Okanya, Rafael Zaracho, Stanley Green, Barbara Hege-Galle, Andi Santoso, and José Arrais (Global Anabaptist Service Network and Global Mission Fellowship Coordinator).


Key Documents
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