About the Faith and Life Commission


The Faith and Life Commission enables MWC member churches to receive and provide counsel on Christian faith and practice, as well as on Anabaptist-Mennonite witness in the world today. This commission encourages MWC member churches to develop relationships of mutual accountability in the convictions they hold and in the lives they live – locally, internationally and cross-culturally.

Commission Members

Alfred Neufeld Friesen, Chair (Paraguay), John D. Roth, Secretary (USA), Tewodros Beyene (Ethiopia), Hanspeter Jecker (Switzerland), Chiou-Lang (Paulus) Pan (Taiwan), Valerie Rempel (USA), Manjoula Roul (India), Wieteke Van der Molen (Netherlands). 

(From left): Tewodros Beyene, Hanspeter Jecker, Manjoula Roul, Wieteke Van der Molen, Chiou-Lang (Paulus) Pan, Valerie Rempel, Alfred Neufeld Friesen, John D. Roth. Photo: Wilhelm Unger.