About the Faith and Life Commission


The Faith and Life Commission enables MWC member churches to receive and provide counsel on Christian faith and practice, as well as on Anabaptist-Mennonite witness in the world today. This commission encourages MWC member churches to develop relationships of mutual accountability in the convictions they hold and in the lives they live – locally, internationally and cross-culturally.

Program Activities

Commission Members

Thomas Yoder Neufeld, Chair (Canada), John D. Roth, Secretary (USA), Tewodros Beyene (Ethiopia), Manjula Roul (India), Wieteke Van der Molen (Netherlands), Nzuzi Mukawa (DR Congo), Rebecca González (Mexico), Lydia Adi Sidharta (Indonesia). 

The Faith and Life Commission at their 2017 meeting. (From left): Tewodros Beyene, Hanspeter Jecker, Manjoula Roul, Wieteke Van der Molen, Chiou-Lang (Paulus) Pan, Valerie Rempel, Alfred Neufeld Friesen, John D. Roth. Photo: Wilhelm Unger.